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Peter Groh was born in Brno in 1944 and has lived in Veverské Bítýška. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts, graduating in 1964, he was employed as a commercial artist and from 2003 he worked as a freelancer in the field of promotion and advertising.

Free work is devoted to the subject of his long and are natural elements and mythical creatures. His work constantly undergoing two motives. He's fascinated by the universe, its mystery and infinity, while new discoveries, but nothing subtract from the universe of its mysteries. Displays cosmic phenomena in connection with human bodies that penetrate the depths of the universe with the hope of a better existence than offered by the current globalized civilization.

The second theme is the author's permanent contrast to the motives of the universe. Free form pies, in which people solve their own problems. Sculptures symbolize the search for its own meaning of existence, place in society and also attitude to other creatures on the planet.

In all parts of the manifest many years of experience and continuous effort for quality workmanship of materials used, which are mainly oak, alder, linden wood and ořechvé. Themes implemented in the form of free or low-relief sculptures are discussed in color so as to preserve the wood grains. The final adjustment is then made ​​with wax, which emphasizes color.

The works are represented in several galleries and private collectors owned by us, in several European countries and the USA.